Mobile Scuba Tanks Station

Octopus is the only company providing a mobile Scuba Tanks Air Filling & Renting station in Kuwait. A customized truck containing air filling compressor and diving products was built All divers and dive centers located in Kuwait. You could use the application to book your preferred date and time to refill your Scuba tanks in your chosen location without carrying or moving your Scuba tanks to anywhere from your location. This is the first truck in the GCC countries or even in the Middle East. We test our gas once a month, and have 3 separate daily automatic checks that ensure nothing can get past our filters, and thus making us able to guarantee the best breathing air possible for all your dives, whether it is Nitrox <40%, or “just” air.

Through the mobile Scuba tanks station, we Offer the following services:

     Scuba Tanks Refill

     Scuba Tanks Rent